How to keep your apartment safe during monsoon: A checklist - Citizen Matters, Bengaluru

2022-12-17 12:48:01 By : Mr. Yang Chen

Monsoon is one of the oldest weather observations, an economically important weather pattern, and the most anticipated weather event and unique weather phenomenon. Yet, it is only partially understood and notoriously difficult to predict.

Monsoon brings several difficulties, and events, which include, downgraded situations like heavy rainfall, flood, lightning, and cyclone which may demand safety precautions at high priority. 4p Mini Circuit Breaker

How to keep your apartment safe during monsoon: A checklist - Citizen Matters, Bengaluru

Buildings are susceptible to weather conditions, and Bengaluru experiences rainfall throughout the year. A pre-monsoon safety plan helps mitigate some of the seen and unseen hazards.

Provide preventive measures and guidance to Association management, employees, workers, and visitors. It should focus on the loss/damage control measures and the management systems in mitigation and prevention.

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The likelihood of an increase in an electrical fire during monsoon so special attention should be given to Electrical and Firefighting Equipment.

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a. Tiled roof: A large number of apartments in Bengaluru have Mangalore tiled roof, while they have stood the test of time, especially in cases of properly fired clay tiles, the quality of newer tiles are not known, however, it comes with its own issues as they are more susceptible to weather vagaries:

b. Flat roof: Most flats have terraces on the roof. Over a period hairline cracks are formed. These need to be chipped and the area needs to be filled up. Apply primer and waterproof chemicals wherever required. Along with the waterproofing, a coat of heat-resistant paint helps control temperature.

Sanding needs to be done for walls which are damaged.

Check for drainage points: Make sure stormwater drain points in the terrace and penthouse open areas are unobstructed and cleaned regularly so that there is no chance of rainwater clogging anywhere. You can also level the terrace by applying cement plaster for a smooth flow of water.

Check for cracks: An early examination and repair when the cracks are identified will ensure that damage is minimum as once leakage starts, it spoils the paint and the damage can be much more than what eyes can see. You can opt for a fibreglass crack-filling compound, for both interior and exterior surfaces. It makes sure to have an unmatched crack bridging ability for plaster cracks of up to 3 mm.

Protects electronic items: Exposed electrical fittings can pose a great danger to life during monsoon. It is advisable to hire an electrician to check for any loose wiring and damaged electrical cords. Alternatively, one can keep moisture-absorbing bags behind electronic equipment so that they can absorb moisture and keep your valuables safe as well as prevent shock circuits.

Use sealants: Rainwater usually enters the homes if they are any gaps in window and door sills. Further, if you have a split air conditioner installed at home, water from strong wind can come through the wall cut out which is made for refrigerant piping. Make sure you have got them checked and if needed, close them using good quality silicone sealants.

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How to keep your apartment safe during monsoon: A checklist - Citizen Matters, Bengaluru

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